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Peerless collection

Across our two Peerless mattresses, Relyon offers a range of pure luxury made with 100% natural materials that we believe to be the best beds in the world, expertly handcrafted in our Somerset factory.

Individual pocketed springs, hand-nested and hand-centre-tied for the ultimate support.
Individual steel springs are sewn into hard-wearing natural calico fabric pockets. The pocketed springs are hand-nested in a honeycomb pattern to produce a unit for the centre of the mattress. Linen cord is threaded through the springs to tie the springs and secure the nesting.  

The major benefit of pocketed springs is that each spring moves independently from the others to support different body weights and shapes and subsequently pocket sprung mattresses therefore have no roll together. Higher spring counts offer more supportive comfort.

In the Peerless mattresses with a double or triple layer of pocket springs, the upper springs shape to the body contours while the lower layer absorbs changes in weight distribution for the ultimate in comfort and support.

The mattresses

Click on an image below to read more and download further information about each mattress. 

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