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Here at Relyon our focus is on our customers and the environment, providing high quality products and services in a sustainable manner is at the core of our business.

Our main aim is produce a high quality product, backed up by excellent customer care, all while looking to enhance environmental performance through our continual improvement & growth.

Relyon's most recent endeavours have seen them be awarded an A grade manufacturer status from the National bed federation. A great achievement to sit along side our ISO-14001 certification. 

Environmentally sound sleep

Our experience of working with a diverse range of natural materials and quality suppliers has naturally committed us to sustainable and environmentally responsible manufacturing for decades.

Continuous improvement in the business means that we offer customers a comprehensive range for products that have sustainability built in at the design stage whenever possible.

Over 5.6 million springs are manufactured here at Relyon each year, minimising our dependancy on alternative suppliers and in turn reducing our carbon footprint

6.5 million bottles recycled each year and utilised in our products and keeping our customers comfortable


Sugar cane packaging which is durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly has been introduced on all our product

Natural FR treatment uses biologically based ingredients that make it environmentally friendly, and 100% sustainable.

Read our environmental policy here

SGS ISO 9001
SGS ISO 14001
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